Patient Comments

Dear Fizyorem Family,

“I had a good time, God bless your hands… Thank you for everything.”


Thanks a lot all the team,

“I visited Fizyorem 2 years ago. I visited you again because I missed you all. I like to be treated sincerely and friendly here as a family. I thank everybody. Mr. Kıvanç greatly took care of my treatment. I came here for treatment and it was over… I hope I will be better henceforth and I feel good for a long time. Thanks a lot all the team… Warm regards…”

Ganimet TEKİN

We are leaving Fizyorem in healthily…

“Our cooperation for 20 stages in the accompaniment of your warm and friendly atmosphere has just finished today. We came here as a patient but we are leaving healthily. Thanks for your sincere attention. I wish you a continued success.”

Mehmet KUŞÇU

Dear Fizyorem Family,

“I remember the first day that I visited here. I was quite anxious. But I partially felt relaxed when I see my doctor and heard positive statements from him about my treatment. I could not understand how quickly fifteen days passed. I was very relaxed at the end of the process. I thank the Physiotherapist Mr. Kıvanç, Ms. Gül and Ms. Aslı. I particularly thank Mr. Kıvanç for taking care of me sincerely and with a high level of motivation… I separately thank Ms. Serap for ensuring our treatment by such a lovely team… I felt honoured to meet you… I also thank the shuttle driver Mr. Alaattin… He transported us with care, patience and favour without any delay despite of all difficulties… God speed him…”


Thank you a lot,

“I can literally state that I even don’t want to remember the days that I came there with the support of my husband. Besides all treatments applied to me (physical therapy, exercises, DRX 9000), I thank notably the Physiotherapist Mr. Ali and all personnel for their sincerity and attention… My spinal disk hernia treatment is over. Hope to see you again during my cervical disk hernia treatment…”


“My profound thanks to all Fizyorem family for their extraordinary care, attention, patience and efforts.”


Dear Fizyorem family,

“When I first visited there, the pain on my left leg made it difficult to walk… My pains decreased as a result of the treatment provided there and I could walk comfortably.”

No name (an anonymous patient)

For the attention of estimable Fizyorem family,

“You took us out of the psychology of a patient as from the moment we entered from the door thanks to your welcome, warm conversation and attention. Sincerity and energy between patients are a distinguished advantage. All of you individually took care of me. I feel myself on the top of the world…


Dear Fizyorem Family,

“I received physiotherapy a long time ago. I don’t know why but I hesitated all the time. But I understood that my hesitations were vain when I started a treatment in Fizyorem. I satisfied with and affected from sincere and warm attention of all personnel. I felt sad when my treatment was completed. Thanks everybody. This is not a prayer but I hope we’ll keep in touch for the future if necessary. Best regards and thanks you all…”

Gülbin YUCELER – Retired Banker


I visited many doctors in Istanbul for my back which had been diagnosed with hernia last year. I started a treatment in Fizyorem about 4 months ago. Thanks to the 2-months therapy, it is not necessary anymore to undergo a surgery. Now, I am regularly doing exercises and moving on as I used to do.”

Önder Bekensir


“Sevgili Fizyorem Çalışanları ve Yöneticileri Tedaviye başlamadan bir hafta önce müthiş bir ağrı ve acı ile boğuşurken şu an 20 seanslık tedavimin bitiminde yüzümde bir gülümseme ve içimde huzur dolu bir neşe ile bu satırlarımı yazıyorum. Tedavimde sürekli bir dost gibi bana yardımcı olan gerek fizik tedavi uzmanımıza gerek resepsiyon çalışanlarına, Fizyoterapist arkadaşlara, yöneticimiz Serap Hanıma canı gönülden teşekkür ederim.Tedavim süresince bana gösterdikleri ilgi, alaka ve samimiyet benim iyileşmemde büyük etki göstermiştir. Her gün Beylikdüzü gibi çok uzak bir yerden bu sıcak ilgiye koşa koşa geldim. Artık boyun fıtığıyla ilgili bir şikayetim olmayacağını olsa da beni kısa sürede iyileştirebilecek güvenilir Fizyorem ailesinin benimle yakınen ilgileneceğini biliyorum. Boyun fıtığı ile ilgili şikayeti olan herkese DRX 9000 tedavisini ve bu tedaviyi Fizyorem ile yapmalarını tavsiye ederim.”

Murat Türeli


With my endless respect, regards and grate to all FIZYOREM personnel notably the Physiotherapist Mr. Kıvanç who worked a miracle with his magic hands and achieved to make me walk again on my 2 feet in the course of my life starting on 4 feet (crawling) and proceeding by walking on 2 feet and ending on 3 feet (2 feet + a walking stick), the Physiotherapist Mr. Ali for his humoristic and cheerful nature, the Nurse Ms. Gülizar for her smiling face, other personnel who welcome and direct you at the door with a friendly attitude for their services and supports and the shuttle driver Mr. Rafet who provided service with patience from the door of your home to the hospital not only for the treatment but also for their sincere behaviours and the family atmosphere created there.”

Semiramis Ellaçin


“Hello, I’m Fatma Aytekin… I’m 65 years old. I have been suffering from not able to walk for 10 years due to the problem on my knee and the pains. I was angry at myself for feeling these pains for 10 years after the application of the PRP method. I informed all people around me who also suffered from this problem. I didn’t find any treatment method reliable for years. I am very satisfied and recommend it to everybody. In the past, I couldn’t stand up from the seat in five minutes and felt pains. But today, I can stand up comfortably and without any pain as if my knees weren’t problematic. Endless thanks to Fizyorem…”

Fatma Aytekin


“Thanks a lot for advising me to undergo a surgery just by reviewing my MR images on a free of charge basis. As patients, we are not healthy as we used to be. The doctors we visit claim that they would treat the disease. For the first time, you told me that physiotherapy would not be useful for me and I had to contact with a neurosurgeon. And you allocated much time for me and explained what to do in detail. Fizyorem is the only place that I can recommend reliably even if I haven’t received any treatment.”

Aydın Sönmez


“The increase of pains resulting from spinal disk hernia I was suffering from for 3 years due to the fact that I gave a birth reduced the quality of my life and made me unhappy. I turned into a painful patient. My husband recommended Fizyorem Physiotherapy Centre. I must confess that I went to Istanbul prejudicially. After a long travel, their welcoming me with a smiling face and showing courtesy by dressing up shoe covers made me extremely surprised. They are perfect staff who felt my pain and helped me even at the door. I firstly drank a cup of coffee and obtained information about what would be applied in detail. I left my pins in Istanbul and went back to Ağrı (Doğubeyazıt). I am sure that people hesitate about it but I definitely recommend there. It was great to meet you all. As you say, hope to see you in painless and happy days. Greetings and best regards to all Fizyorem family.”

Zeynep Adıtatar


I had a pain and couldn’t sit down because of my spinal disk hernia compliant when I met you for the first time. To tell the truth, I didn’t believe in you when you say “We will heal your pains and make you get healthy again in a short period of time” after the examination. However, my complaints decreased gradually as of the 1st week of the start of treatment. The role of the Physiotherapist Mr. Ali in my recovery is of course undeniable. Another reason that makes me happy and pleased in Fizyorem is the friendly and sincere family atmosphere here. Meeting with Ms. Meral in the morning with a smiling face and gentle behaviours of Ms. Aslı made me feel happy and peaceful. Warm thanks and regards to all Fizyorem family.”

Sabri Kurtoğlu


“Hi dear Fizyorem family. I was struggling with severe pain 2 weeks before the treatment applied in Fizyorem and all doctors I visited recommended me to undergo a surgery. But now, I am writing this comment with a smile on my face and a peaceful happiness towards the end of my 20-stage treatment. I sincerely thank the Physiotherapist Mr. Kıvanç and my doctor, all other physiotherapists and your director Ms. Serap who helped me throughout my treatment. I am very satisfied with the attention, care and sincerity shown to me during the treatment. I also have to say that I admired the politeness and punctuality of the shuttle driver. He picked me up from the door of my home and took me home again every single day without any delay like a flight. Sincere and friendly attitudes of the personnel and their efforts to make you healthy are the other reasons for preferring this hospital. I recommend here to all people suffering from cervical disk hernia in terms of the treatment and exercises applied and their therapy approach. I started to sleep smoothly as of the 8th stage of my treatment involving DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression Device. I thank firstly the Physiotherapist Mr. Kıvanç and all Fizyorem team to heal my pains. I now know that Fizyorem family who will ensure my recovery in a short period of time will take care of me if I have any complaint related to pain. Thank you Fizyorem family.”

Çiğdem Korkmaz


“I met Fizyorem one day before the surgery when I was considering that my life had been over. I didn’t believe in the first sight. They said that surgery had been necessary and I got surprised. 1 week passed and I said: “Ehh”. After 2 weeks, I said: “Ooooo” and I felt perfect at the 20th stage. All personnel share what you are undergoing. Most importantly, it is a pure and safe place. I am quite happy, I don’t suffer from pain anymore and I feel better now. I recommend everybody to visit Fizyorem first, they won’t regret. Best regards.”

Zuhal Ekelik


“I sincerely thank all Fizyorem personnel. When I applied to Fizyorem because of low back pains, I was having difficulty in performing back related movements and my complaints became more and more discomforting particularly when I was driving. Therefore, I didn’t expect to recover at this level due to my concerns resulting from my being a doctor as well when I referred to Fizyorem for the abovementioned reasons. A hundred percent recovery was achieved at the end of 20-stage treatment beyond my expectations. I thank all Fizyorem team. May God bless them.”

Dr. Sami İsmail Tokay


“Warm thanks to you all. Fortunately, I watched you on TV and visited there. My neck pains starting approximately a year ago gradually increased and diffused to my arm and I couldn’t perform even the daily works at home. I saw some doctors, some of them recommended surgery. But I felt extremely happy when I understood during my visit to Fizyorem that there was nothing to be afraid of and surgery was not necessary in any way. After that a treatment with 20 stages was started. The attention and sincerity shown during this process was an important factor in keeping the motivation of patients high. In this sense, close attention of Mr. Kıvanç with me from the beginning of the treatment is non-ignorable. I thank you all.”

Betül Ünal


“Even writing this comment is a miracle for me after painful and sleepless nights in Izmir. I searched for previous studies of Fizyorem and believed in them when I visited many doctors and heard that the only solution was surgery and I came to Istanbul from Izmir. I am happy that this belief is not vain and that I have recovered. I thank each Fizyorem personnel because of their efforts and attention throughout my treatment. I feel grateful to all persons ensuring my recovery. I hope the people with similar complaints to mine will meet Fizyorem as luckily as me.”

Burcu Tuştaş


“The final PRP application of my mother has been performed today. Her ability to walk was closer to the end point. A person in her arm and a walking stick were insufficient. Positive approaches of Fizyorem team cheered my mother up and provided the opportunity to receive a treatment there. Thank you for everything. She can walk now, she can also stand upright and her morale is raised. We recommend Fizyorem to all our friends.”

Burçin Altınsoy


“I am glad to find Fizyorem. I suffered from pains at night for 5 months in vain. I preferred this treatment thanks to final diagnosis of my doctor and his direction of me to physiotherapy and my being decisive. I achieved to get over at this level with the support of the Physiotherapist Mr. Kıvanç. They worked miracles. I am pretty fine now. I recommend it to everybody. I rely on their sincerity. They are a seriously working and professional team. I congratulate them and recommend them to everybody. Their friendly and attentive approaches from the very first day provided me great support during my recovery period. For this reason, I thank all Fizyorem team. I advice the treatment to everybody as I witnessed the magical benefit of it among what I know about the treatment of spinal disk hernia. Of course in Fizyorem…”

Donna Marküs


“To dear Fizyorem family, I thank you all for your close attention during my 20 days of treatment. I will recommend you to all my friends suffering from spinal disk hernia. Besides this, not only the treatment but also sincere and warm attitudes of the personnel and a family atmosphere created there are important factors for preferring Fizyorem. Of course FIZYOREM for low back pain.”

Gülnaz Öztürk


“Greetings to Fizyorem family. May God bless the shuttle driver, my doctor, the physiotherapist Mr. Ali, Ms. Serap and so on for their efforts during my 20 days of treatment. I would like to say that I am very satisfied with your treatment and staff. I want to take also my children to there thanks to the warm atmosphere inside. I will recommend you to everybody. Thank you for all your services.”

Yazgül Gün


“Everybody was so attentive and sincere when I entered into Fizyorem that I said: “Yes I am at the right place”. I have been struggling with spinal disk hernia for 8 years. I even underwent a surgery 3 years ago. I thought that it had been over, but it deviously waited. The disease doubled me up 2 months ago. I got better to a certain level with various drugs and as a result of my searches on the internet and interviews for hours, I preferred FIZYOREM. Fortunately. Endless thanks to Ms. Serap, Mr. Kıvanç and those who contributed with their sincere and attentive approaches during the treatment. My doctor Mr. Ali Şahin I didn’t forget you! If only I met Fizyorem 3 years ago before the surgery and hadn’t had an operation in vain.”

Mustafa Sandıkçıoğlu


“ESTIMABLE FIZYOREM FAMILY, I got healthy again as a result of the treatment applied for my complaint. I want to express my gratitude and regards notably to the Physiotherapist Mr. Ali and all your personnel who supported me during this process. So I glad to have you. You did a great job. Take care of yourself.”

Vedat Men


“My neck pains lasting for months reduced the quality of my life. I was a little bit anxious on the first day, but sincere attitudes of the personnel made me feel as if I had went on a visit. I thank the physiotherapist Mr Kıvanç, Ms. Gülizar and all personnel who contributed to me and relieved me of my pains for their close attention during 15 days of physiotherapy stages.”

O. Gokalp


“My daughter Ecrin was born with loose arm due to the damage of nerves going to the arm as a result of harsh pulling of her head during delivery. This disease is called as Brachial Plexus. We learnt later on. We couldn’t get any information from the doctors about the state of our daughter. They only said that she would not be able to move her hand due to the damages of the nerves in her arm. We reached to the Physiotherapist Mr. Kıvanç upon the recommendation of a patient as a result of the searches done by my boss. Ecrin was 40 days old when we visited Mr. Kıvanç. We didn’t know what to do when Mr. Kıvanç accepted to include us in the training program and suggested that Ecrin would get over. He explained that the applications to be adopted by parents had been the most important phase in the recovery of a child and 1-2 hours of exercises a week with a physiotherapist would be insufficient for the growth of the child. He taught us what we must be aware of and undertook the follow-up of Ecrin. He also told that every individual could get over up to the age of 3 and we hadn’t needed to worry about. In all honesty, her hand and arm started to move within 6 months. This was indeed a miracle… None of the doctors promised for her recovery so far. I think the damaged nerve was repaired thanks to the program applied by Mr. Kıvanç because my daughter started to perform all movements. We are maintaining her treatment according to the information we have learnt. So we can provide treatment to her when she feels ready for exercises according to her mood. Another factor is that we can extend the treatment to whole day. We learnt that the effect of treatment can be maximized in this way. We thank Mr. Kıvanç a lot for allowing us to be strong to struggle without letting us demoralize and for making us indefinably happy when our daughter started to move her hand and arm although we supposed that she would remain paralyzed.”

Emine Ilkay Yer


”Dear Fizyorem personnel and managers, I am writing this comment happily and peacefully towards the end of my treatment for 20 stages while I was struggling with severe pain 1 week before the commencement of the treatment. I sincerely thank my physiotherapist, reception officers, other physiotherapists and the manager Ms. Serap who continuously helped me throughout my treatment. Their attention, efforts and sincerity played a great role in my recovery. I came to this warm place from Beylikdüzü which was quite distant without a second thought… I now know that I will not have any problem related to the cervical disk hernia and even so, they will heal me in a short period of time. I recommend DRX 900 treatment provided by Fizyorem to everybody complaining about cervical disk hernia disease.”

Murat Türeli


“I am writing this comment to announce the good news that my nightmare starting on a sorrowful Saturday has officially been over today. The stages applied by Mr. Kıvanç had a magical effect on my recovery I guess but I think the atmosphere, classical music, books of Selçuk Erdem and the comedy team of Mr. Ali + Mr. Erdem + Mr. Kıvanç were more effective. A painful, hopeless, impatient and dispirited process passed rapidly. I can’t thank you enough for healing me and making me able to meet any requirements of my life. What I learnt is for my benefit. Take care of you. Best regards.”

No Neme


“Hi Fizyorem family, I am very happy to meet and have a good time with you during the treatment. I found peace and motivation here. Your sincere attitudes served as a motivator for me. My spinal and cervical disk hernia complaints were over thanks to you. I heard of you for years in the community of İş Bankası members but indeed, I didn’t expect you to be so perfect. All team is excellent including the shuttle service Mr. Alaaddin, the Physiotherapist Mr. Ali, Ms. Aslı, Ms. Serap and my doctor Ms. Selma. God bless you, thanks for putting up with us. I love you all.”

Fahriye Evci


“I am writing this comment to announce the good news that my nightmare starting on a sorrowful Saturday has officially been over today. The stages applied by Mr. Kıvanç had a magical effect on my recovery I guess but I think the atmosphere, classical music, books of Selçuk Erdem and the comedy team of Mr. Ali + Mr. Erdem + Mr. Kıvanç were more effective. A painful, hopeless, impatient and dispirited process passed rapidly. I can’t thank you enough for healing me and making me able to meet any requirements of my life. What I learnt is for my benefit. Take care of you. Best regards.”

Pınar Akseli